THE SUGARBEATS cover a wide range of music genres and appeal to all ages! We love to perform at street fairs and family festivals. Our reportoire includes hits from the 1960s to current radio, as well as hauntingly catchy originals. Come on out and shake a leg!
THE SUGARBEATS are not your average guitar band!  We include fiddle, melodica, cajon, various percussion, and anything else that adds to the unique sound
Welcome to The Sugarbeats page! Let the Good Times Roll!
The Sugarbeats are four musicians overflowing with the desire to bring you the best music you've ever heard - from familiar favorites done in a new way to originals that feel like old friends!
Meeting Your music needs.
"The Sugarbeats are my favorite band."
"Thank you for coming to my son's birthday and playing, you really made his day!"
"Thanks for playing our festiva! The Sugarbeats all the way!"
"The Sugarbeats rock!"
"I want to come see you all at every show that you play at now! You have gained a true fan."